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Hello Friends,

Well, I thought I've experienced tough times before, but this takes the cake. I moved out here to Los Angeles from Austin, TX with my fiance. We have learned very quickly that we did not prepare ourselves well enough for such a move. Prior to moving we either sold or gave away close to all of out belongings and since moving here have sold anything we had left of value. We came here because my fiance is a talented drummer, truly gifted and believed that this was that direction that God was leading us toward. We still have faith that our decision was meant to be for some reason. It just seems that the reasons are changing. It has simply been one thing after another since we got here. From him not being able to find to employment for five weeks and me not being able to find employment for four, that was three weeks ago and my job hasn't even started yet. I got a side gig as soon as possible caring for children overnight a few nights a week but my second day, the darn car got towed so now instead of a paycheck I'm paying off my new employer the $307 ticket. Basically, we are both employed now, just won't being seeing the fruits of our labor until it's too late...we have recieved one paycheck from Pauls job and don't expect the second until a week after rent is due. At the moment, we have no food at all, no gas, not enough money for June rent and not a penny to our name. We don't have any major debt, we just don't have anything. I've been trying to hustle my hiney off to find more work but there's nothing that I can find that will help in time. We just feel at a loss. On the one hand, who are we to ask for help, we made our decisions and now we are suffering the consequences, right? No, that can't be. I know that God is a Graceful and Loving God...if we ask maybe we shall recieve. I am just hoping to be Graced with an Angel that will help us with a loan and if not maybe you've got some fantastic thought about what we should try next We are honest, trustworthy, God fearing people who just really need some help getting out of this dark spot...We always try and pay things forward and and are hoping today by stepping out on Faith someone is able and desiring to do the same...Reguardless, we really need some help....thank you for reading on and God Bless...

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I know LA is higher and there are many ways to make money legit no cost from home. Try for one time help and you can check my blog for more information

Call 211 for information and food and 866 3 hungry 

More information is in my blog


Good luck



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Have you looked into donating plasma for pay?  You can both do audience work, where you sit in a studio as the audience of a gameshow or talk show and get paid- usually you get paid at the end of the day.  Walk around and pick up bottles and cans and cash them in at recycling centers - people are so messy that you'll be doing th ecommunity a service and making money, too!  Contact local churches and see if they can help you, or if they need any day help - maybe you could weed their yard or paint a porch for some money.  I am also in Southern California and it is tough, but once you learn the ropes you'll make it!  Rosie

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